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The Perfect Bowl

To become a connoisseur of this traditional recipe, you must learn to recognise the 7 aspects of a traditionally prepared delicacy.

  1. Hock Lam Beef takes the effort to flavour the soup with beef parts and beef bones and boil it for 24 hours. This makes the broth fragrant and hearty without leaving you feeling thirsty from MSG after enjoying your meal.
  2. A perfectly balanced beef broth should be aromatic and flavourful without leaving you feeling heavy and bloated after eating it. HLB uses a blend of 13 herbs and spices that creates that special, hearty flavour and yet creates balance for a light and tasty soup.
  3. Beef should be hand sliced for tenderness and flavour. HLB does not use machine cut beef, and so does not rely on tenderiser or MSG to overcome the toughness of machine slicing or the loss of flavour from using tenderiser.
  4. The perfect chilli sauce to complement the dish. The HLB homemade chilli begins with a blend of fresh red chillies and 13 ingredients for a light and tasty chilli, balanced in sweetness and spiciness that complements, rather than overpowers, the beef broth.
  5. The preparation of the noodles must be done right, removing excess starch and yeast while leaving the noodles firm, smooth and bouncy. This can only be achieved with experience in timing the blanching of the noodles, using the right temperature water and the highest quality noodles.
  6. Each bowl must be prepared and served immediately! This requires extra steps in serving and preparation as the beef parts must be kept warm in the beef broth without becoming soggy or overcooked. Then the broth or gravy must be poured on at the last moment before eating so that the ingredients do not become soggy or watery.
  7. Blue Ginger should be used to complement the chilli, as it is light and spicy and doesn’t drown out the aroma’s of the broth in the way Chinchaluk (preserved shrimp) overpowers the balance of a recipe.

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