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About Hock Lam Beef

The Original four-generation strong, Singaporean Heritage Delicacy.

Hock Lam Beef continues the century old tradition of serving the highest quality Teochew beef kway teow in Singapore. The most awarded beef kway teow recipe in Singapore was handed down two (2) generations later to Anthony Tan Hung Siang. Anthony was crowned Singapore’s Beef noodle King in 2002. Since 2004, Anthony’s daughter, Tina Tan, has taken over the crown and continued to win more national accolades.

Despite the passage of time, the business has maintained its standards and quality since 1911, when the business moved into its first store, where previously Anthony’s granddad used to sell his delicious noodles on foot around Chinatown.

Recipe Highlights – the 3 advantages of a true Singaporean heritage delicacy.

  • Labour intensive, homemade 24-hour boiled gourmet soup with herb base;
  • Homemade gourmet chilli sauce with 13 ingredients, and
  • Hand sliced beef cuts (not machine cut) for maximum tenderness and flavour makes this a dish of the highest quality.

With 13 ingredients in the gourmet soup base and homemade chilli sauce, many wonder about the secret ingredient that makes this recipe so special. At Hock Lam Beef, generations ago, we realised that the secret ingredient was the effort in preparing everything by hand in-house. This effort distinguishes this original recipe from its competitors.

Having no low-cost compromises allows full quality control of the ingredients and avoids artificial flavours and ingredients. It costs more, but we prefer doing it this way as we believe in quality.

Having the oldest surviving recipe includes the advantages of being able to create the gourmet soup base and 13-ingredient chilli sauce without resorting to factory prepared ingredients. The soup is then boiled for at least 24 hours to extract the full flavour from the beef and beef bones used as a base. The additional advantage of the recipe is that it includes techniques for preparing hand-sliced beef cuts, instead of tough and chewy machine-cut beef, which then requires tenderiser and loses the natural beef flavour.

These 3 advantages of our original recipe, homemade 24-hour boiled gourmet soup, homemade gourmet chilli sauce and hand prepared beef cuts without tenderiser makes this a dish of the highest quality, and a true Singaporean heritage dish.

Come down for a perfect bowl of the original Teochew beef kway teow today!

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